Fort Erie compared to the rest of the Niagara Region:

  • Has the highest population proportion without a high school diploma.
  • Ranks 7th out of 12 in persons having trade certificates.
  • Ranks last in terms of the proportion of its population with a college diploma or certificate.
  • Has lower literacy skill levels among their 16-24 year olds.
  • Has lower literacy skill levels among their 25-54 age group.
  • Has higher literacy skill levels among their 65 plus age group.

Source:    Knafelc, Paul. Literacy Risk in the Niagara Region 2007
                   Statistics Canada. IALS 2003

Fort Erie compared to the Niagara Region, Ontario and Canada

Literacy Levels   Fort Erie   Niagara Region     Ontario     Canada
      Level 1       26.5 %          25.5 %       24.4 %       19.9 %
      Level 2       29.3 %          29.1 %       28.4 %       27.8 %
      Level 3       30.8 %          31.2 %       31.9 %       35.3 %
      Level 4/5       13.5 %          14.2 %       15.4 %       17.0 %

Level 1 Great difficulty reading, few basic skills and decoding strategies. Most are aware that they have a literacy problem.

Level 2 Reads, but not well and can only deal with material that is simple and clearly laid out. Generally they do not recognize their limitations.

Level 3 Basic skill level. Individuals may have difficulty with more complex tasks.

Level 4/5 High levels of literacy and can perform complex tasks using many strategies.

Literacy Risk in the Niagara Region 2007 
                     International Adult Literacy Survey (IALS) 2003

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