Volunteer Tutors are required to take a 12-hour tutor-training workshop where they are introduced to the "Laubach Way to Reading" series, as well as to other learning methods and materials. There is no previous experience required to become a Volunteer Tutor.  A learner-centred approach to reading and writing is stressed, as well as sensitivity to the needs of the adult learner. There are many opportunities in the workshop for hands-on experience with a variety of materials and activities.

After a Volunteer Tutor completes the tutor-training workshop, he/she is paired with a learner and works with this individual on a one-to-one basis for approximately 2 ½ hours a week or more depending on the availability of the learner and tutor. Most learners remain with a tutor for about 2 years, but this varies with the needs of the individual. The learner is assured of confidentiality and the opportunity to progress at his/her own pace. On-going support is provided to the tutor (professional development seminars) and the learner by the Programme Co-ordinator.

In addition to tutoring, the ALC promotes literacy in the community. One successful initiative was originated in 1997, in partnership with the Fort Erie Public Library through the annual Mittens and Books campaign.  The ALC distributes over five hundred books each year at Christmas to the community.

If you would like more information on becoming a Volunteer Tutor or to Volunteer with the ALC, or would like to speak to our co-ordinator regarding our services, please contact Maria at 905-871-6626 or email at maria@literacyforterie.ca.

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